Friday, 6 September 2013


The Election? Sue Maynes:

"For all of you have been reading this information and have doubts - let me tell you a story.

I have just been given news of a victory that appears to be very minor but I think will prove to be huge!!!!

A brave young person I am proud to know did not vote at a council election last year and was subsequently fined.

This young persons response was simple - "I can't vote, I'm not a shareholder."

After 6 months or so of debate, letters, SPER fines coming and going - the Electoral Commission finally agreed and removed the fine. And SPER notified this young person in writing the matter was over.

Now this young person went in to get their name crossed off today and guess what??? Their name was not on the roll any more.

The Electoral Commission of the Australian Government accepted that without being a share-holder, no vote could be lodged.

Now why is this so big? Because they have now established that if this young person, born in Australia of Australian parents, grand parents, great grand parents, not naturalized, not an Australian Citizen - is not a share-holder, then they have also established that you and I have no voice in this government.

And if we have no voice - then this simple acceptance has told us who has taken our voice.

Can you all see where this goes?? How do you get taken to court, fined, taxed, etc, etc, etc when the Electoral Commission have just agreed that you are being taken to court by people in a government system that has - wait for it:

---------NO --------CONTRACT-------WITH--------YOU!!!!!!!!!"

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