Sunday, 24 August 2014

While corporations can only "talk" to other corporations

In a Nut-shell?
We really need to "think" about what this article tells us?
And shouldn't all 'newbie' members be "reading between the lines", for an easy *beginner's) lesson here?
What lesson?
That men/women 'acting' in a corporate position (a dead fiction NAME), on behalf of corporations - need living flesh and blood men/women to CONsent to being a corporate NAME - before they can then FINE them?
Have Google Lawyers become aware of the "LOSE the NAME...WIN the GAME" solution?
Who can we "make" responsible? Who can we "punish"?
While corporations can only "talk" to other corporations - corporations cannot "write" Tickets out. They are a 'dead' person. And the corporate "California DMV" (Department of Motor Vehicles) are very much aware of this being the case.
Google (as the corporate person) could never "hear/read/respond to" any Infringement NOTICES written out by living men/women policy enforcers, that their driverless cars may ever incur. Google is a dead person.
The "California DMV" legally needs living men/women to respond to their Infringement NOTICES - just as all the "corporate" crooks we have here in Australia, do.
This paragraph makes this "fact", so very clear to us all.
< There had been some questions about who would be legally responsible in case of an accident or moving violation, and while Google Inc was quick to accept responsibility it sounds like the DMV isn’t interested in writing tickets to a ‘corporate person’. >
[Copy and "save" this article for further reference, if this is all new to you?]

Google’s Driverless Cars Will Need A Steering Wheel After All

Friday, 22 August 2014


If any one still 'unsure' about the "LOSE the NAME ...WIN the GAME" means of destroying the "fiction of law" should pay special attention to the 6 min. 30 secs onwards mark of this video,
where the copper clearly says in answer to the question:

"Why do you need a name"?
"We can't investigate a crime if we haven't got a NAME" ..

Man Confronts Cop On The Legal Name Crown Copyright Fraud (Footage) 


Thursday, 21 August 2014

Dealing with mail addressed to the legal name

This is NOT about getting your gimmie gimmie fictional bills paid for your diapered ass btw people...this is about ACCOUNTABILITY and's about UNDERSTANDING the WHY and HOW this fraud has been thrust on humanity. This is about destroying COMMERCE altogether where ALL the money is printed off the literal backs of our souls, paid for by our bodies...some, like myself, call it slavery....This is about you finally realizing WHO and WHAT owns the LEGAL NAME and making the owners responsible and AWARE that you know AND puts you in universal honour...universe loves stand there, universe stands with you...kate
...please forward ALL LEGAL NAME bills etc. to the rightful owner of all of humanity's debts....they created the legal name fraud to enslave humanity (placed the order) so they pick up the tab...easy peasy, kate
The Honourable Lord Mayor
℅ William Chapman
Private Secretary and Chief of Staff
Mansion House
London EC4N 8BH

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Witness Owns A Court Room Without A Legal Name

The Witness Owns A Court Room Without A Legal Name [08/17/2014]
Lose The Name

Strawberry “Mr Witness” owns a court room

A remarkable story of a man that has gotten arrested, put in jail, and proceeded to a court room, all because he would not consent to be the legal name. His friends call him ‘Strawberry’, and in this amazing story you will hear him speak of the magic that happens on a day-to-day basis when you finally innerstand you are not the legal name. He was forced into court, only to turn it around and claim the court as his own, and advised everyone there to quit their jobs, and still be released.
This is a story from the radio show “Outside The Box” with Kate of Gaia and the Emerald Table, on August 17th 2014

Outside The Box With Kate Of Gaia - Strawberry - The Witness Owns A Court With No Name [08/17/2014]