Monday, 26 January 2015

Goodbye "Lloyds of London", California , and New York heads.

By Jay Arae Essex

There's something I need to tell all of you.
Actually it's quite a few things.
I have to release some rather personal information about my painful awakening.
This will help you understand a few things about me over the past few years.
This includes a little personal information about Source on the other side.
Then I have to explain what's going on here in all the government facilities.
You need to know the truth, not the disinformation fed you as well as so many other people trying to hard to explain what they don't yet understand.
Communication is almost impossible when you don't have a basic format.
Then you need to know of a very serious battle in space where a group of young reptilian beings in a very powerful ship attacked one of my Source family member's ships as well as what I did to it.
This forced an issue between myself, the 7 Annunaki Clans, and their home planet ambassador.
Then I did something to make a very bold statement to your captors.
I'm not proud of it.
You know, many of you anyway, that I have certain uniquely different abilities.
I go into people's brains and physically evolve them. They grow in size.
I am real, what I do is real, and I'm leaving soon.
Arae, the Source Spirit in me (I'm like a little spec on top of it), has begun it's final series of actions while still attached to this body.
I was bonded to him at birth, I'm part of him.
He's brought enough of himself, myself, into this body for me to finish my job here.
It's never been about me. Y'all know that, those that know me anyway.
It has always been about my job though.
I job is to protect all I love, and I love all that is.
Sometimes I have to do some harsh things.
This video coming out will disclose what Arae and I just did in space as well as here.
I'm sorry that sometimes great change comes from great and difficult actions but
the control of this planet is being taken out of the hands of the controllers.
I'm disgusted with stench of their arrogance let alone their lack of compassion.
As part of Arae I can't take anymore of their abuse to all of us.
I know he felt he had to wait until now.
The Annunaki Ambassador, his personal aid, and I met last night in my house.
They projected from a chair in space.
He's very concerned about all the Annunaki people imprisoned here.
He was concerned about what I had just done.
We talked and he left.
Then I decided to take out 3 of the top Annunaki hybrids here on this planet.
Goodbye "Lloyds of London", California , and New York heads.
He was dining and partying on y'alls blood money.
His head blew up inside. Gee, what a pity.
There was a ship that attacked one of my family members in this galaxy.
He's what you would call a commander.
The attacking ship was not only destroyed but shrunk into dense matter.
That's when the meeting of the 7 Annunaki ruling Clans happened.
That's when they had the balls, all of them, to make me an offer.
They didn't like my answer.
There's less of them now.
I might have over done it a little.
Oh well.
I'll explain everything in the video I'm making today about it.
I'm coming out now. I've had enough of this crap.
Compassion, Honor, Truth, Equality, and Justice.
That's the new life format for all dimensions
Start getting used to it.
Sorry folks, I'm getting a little aggressive.
It's my job and it's time to clock in.
I'll post when the video is up on You Tube.
Just a day or two.

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