Sunday, 1 September 2013


One of my freedom loving friends known online as success.sourcebt (his name is Glenn Welch) was falsely arrested on August 7. He spent the first several days "in the hole" as they call it – for refusing to create a contract with them. Everything he signed, he signed: "All Rights Reserved, UCC-1-308." Today, I will be sharing more details about this, especially since it relates to most arrests in the fraudulent matrix-control system. I am asking for people around the world to get involved; and I will tell you how you can do that. The key for people to realize is this: corporations have taken over our world by deceit and force, which invalidates all contracts created in that system. Our governance belongs to us, the people. It's high time we took responsibility for our world community and began holding those who perpetuate the debt-slavery system accountable. [To help Glenn, go here:]

Where's Your Line in the Sand? 


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