Saturday, 7 September 2013

Barack Obama trying to "sell" military action on Syria.

I have just been listening and watching Barack Obama trying to "sell" military action on Syria. First of all I am surprised at what a lousy job he is doing. He says "we do not condone the use of chemical weapons on children". He forgets we have seen the video Manning released of a helicopter attack in Iraq where children were shot as well as civilians. He forgets that we remember Fulugia (?) Libya, Iraq etc., etc. and he forgets that we know that the UN Inspectors have stated that it was the rebel forces (armed and funded by Obama knowing they are really the Muslim Brotherhood who were overthrown in Egypt by THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE).
SECONDLY HE IS ACTUALLY BEING GRILLED BY THE MEDIA in a way I have not witnessed before. He is not being allowed to get away with quaint one line answers and his lines of trying to use emotional blackmail do not seem to be working.
THIRDLY let me make the point that we are all sick and tired of war and that we all long for peaceful solutions to difficult problems. We do not want to see any more lives lost as part of the solution. Humanity NOW demands humanitarian interventions rather than bullets and as so many around the world are sending love and light to both Syria and those who would risk WW 111 we must not let us the resolve to come to a peaceful solution. Obama has 97% of the American people against a Syrian strike and he says it is because they war-tired. I say it is because we are all HUNGRY FOR PEACE.
Let us all pray to whoever we pray to, to allow peace and love to win.

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