Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Australians are waking up to the greatest scam in Australia's history.

Rick Novak's status.
7 hours ago
Australians are waking up to the greatest scam in Australia's history. The truth must be told.
“The illusion of Government”
There is not only a Government of the Commonwealth of Australia, there is also an United States owned Corporation called COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA
Here's the proof
'Australian Government' is an American Corporation registered in the DISTRICT
OF COLUMBIA, United States
A merger or gradualism of corporate power with governmental power to falsely deceive the masses
A corporate take-over via stealth

“The structure of fascism is corporatism, or the corporate state. The structure of fascism is the union, marriage, merger or fusion of corporate economic power with governmental power.”
“This awareness indicates that for the most part these multinational corporations and the governments which they control tend to enter into areas to exploit the countries, setting up just enough structure within the country to call it a government, recognize it as being the legitimate government, and defend it against all other who might interfere with their structured corporate government within that country.”
“The largest, the wealthiest, the most powerful, the most pervasive, the most influential is the institution of business and industry - the corporation - which also is the current present day industry of destruction. It must change.”

Australian Emblem or National symbol is a hoax: copyrighted, registered and owned by the US Department of Commerce
Here's the proof

Corporatism: A pathological pursuit of power, greed and control against the will, wish, consent or knowledge of the Australian people.
Australia Act 1986 is US foreign policy: copyrighted, registered and owned by the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, United States
All levels of Government in Australia (Federal, State, Local) are foreign owned corporations
registered and owned by the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, United States
The US Corporation called COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is a commercial company conducting business alongside other corporations like KFC, McDonalds, Coca Cola, Coles, Woolworths and Telstra on the US Securities and Exchange Commission
All States of Australia are corporations registered with the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, United States and managed by the corporate franchise called AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY with CEO (Prime Minister) and board of directors called the PARLIAMENT OF
All political parties masquerading as government with their policies and legislation is a system that belongs to the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, United States.

All public servants and public officials (appointed to serve, defend and protect Australians) representing Government at all levels are corporate contractors and employees of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, United States
Australian Currency has no asset value, legal tender or financial backing. It is pretend money or plastic paper acting as promissory notes belonging to the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, United States
Every government department and business entity in Australia registered under the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA with an ACN or ABN, all belong to the US Corporation in the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA
Any Australian who receives a benefit associated with any agency of the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is a corporate slave or property belonging to the UNITED STATES Corporation in the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA
All statutory fees, fines, rates, taxes, levies, penalties, infringements, acts, by-laws, etc, belong to the UNITED STATES Corporation in the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA as all Australian currency belongs to the UNITED STATES Corporation in the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA
All Australians must realise and wake up to the fact that all commerce in AUSTRALIA belongs to the UNITED STATES Corporation in the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. All Australians with a STATE birth certificate or driver licence are employees, slaves, chattel are bound by pretend laws or statutory rules belonging to the UNITED STATES Corporation in the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA

When was our Government corporatised?
Is this an overthrow of our Government via stealth and public secrecy? Why isn't the Australian people told about this?
Why isn't this scam front page news?
When Australians go to work everyday, are they supporting a
government for, of, and by, the people or a US corporation masquerading as Government?
Why is a company called ‘COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA’ registered in Washington DC?
What reason could there be for a country to be registered as a company?
By definition, aren’t corporate and government entities mutually exclusive? And doesn’t government regulate companies?
Why would Australia be registered with the SEC in the United States?
And why would it provide a ‘Prospectus’ and annual ‘Economic and Fiscal Outlook’ documents to the SEC? And be subject to SEC regulation?
Why is the Great Seal of Australia a trademark registered with United States Patent and Trademark Office?
Could the ‘Australian Government’ be a corporate entity masquerading as real government, for profit, and not for the purpose of governance?
Does the ‘Australian Government’ truly represent “the people” and not shareholders in another country?
Why do today’s government departments have corporate mission statements like “we provide services on BEHALF of government” and “our CLIENTS include government...”?
What happened to “we ARE government”??
Does this suggest they are NOT true government, but a company masquerading as government?
If a company registered in Washington DC is falsely claiming government status in Australia, what happened to the real (de jure) government with a similar name? And when?
And are the laws in Australia therefore just rules for employees and contractors of the corporation?
Perhaps it is a requirement that the Commonwealth of Australia registers as a company entity in order to trade with the United States of America. Are all the other countries who trade with the United States also registered on the American SEC?

Is ‘the United States of America’ also registered with ASIC, the Australian Securities & Investments Commission?
And is Australia similarly registered with the corresponding trade regulators in other countries?
The answer appears to be NO.
International trade implies mutual agreement; reciprocity; a common method of exchange. But the reality is that the ‘COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA’ is registered as a corporate entity with the United States SEC, but not the other way around. There appear to be no comparable corporate entities registered in other countries with which Australia trades. And nations ranking among the United States’ biggest trading partners do NOT have corporate avatars registered with the American SEC. Perhaps registration in Washington DC is for the purpose of trading Government Bonds. Interesting...... But this strange corporate entity is only half the story. Before government bonds can even exist, surely there must first be a legitimate government.


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

It’s Labor Day; So what’s new?

In my last post, I wrote about new Light templates being installed by the end of August. Yes! That actually happened.
What does that mean? I have written extensively about the impact of Darkness and Light in our world. Back in March, Darkness morphed into Turquoise and Light morphed into Aqua. As these colors are so close to each other, it allowed people to move back and forth easily; those who wanted to move towards the Light quickly could and vise versa. As of today, that easy transition is no longer available. Yes, it is now Darkness and Light again and the easy movement is gone or no longer possible.
In many previous posts I have described Darkness as having 80 percent of the power while we were in Taurus, Aries and Pisces and that we had moved into Aquarius as of December 22, 2012. Many of us expected to see immediate changes in the energies around us and were disappointed that everything always takes longer than we want it to. Think of a Super Tanker turning around and going the opposite direction; it takes many miles / kilometers to do so. This is what has been happening to the energy shift. The Dark templates were created using 80% of the power so they were very strong and remained in effect until the last day; yesterday, August 31st. OK. It’s now September 1st, have the new Aquarian Light templates been installed and have the old Dark templates been dissolved? Yes!!!
This means that all of those blocks that we have been trying to get rid of and couldn’t are now gone. If you have significant levels of Light, Darkness was able to identify you and put 80% level Blocks around you; this included sex, relationships, money, success, health, and, even, powers / powres. Now, all of those blocks are gone because Darkness could no longer sustain them. Yes, you can have money, success and health as well as all of the rest. Starting today, allow yourself to have what you have wanted for a long time.
So… We have new freedom, truth, choice, integrity templates and the old fear, force and control templates are gone. Does everything change for the better over-night? No. There is momentum and it could take as long as 90 days for the old Dark, man-made, organization and institution templates to lose all of their power, but by December 1st, 2014, the US Govt, Vladimir Putin, the UN, the EU, the One Worlders, the Islamite Jihadists, the Police / Security Forces / Law Enforcement, the Courts and Prisons, the Insurance Industry, the Medical / Health Establishment, Big Pharma, Big Education and, even the Military will be very much changed for the better. The energetic templates that supported their existence are no longer available; they will deflate like balloons growing smaller and smaller and eventually dropping to the ground to be stepped on. Everything, even business, will change for the better. The coming elections in the USA will be a giant wave of change. Who knows, we might be able to get rid of the feckless, Muslim-in-hiding, Barack Obama; maybe he’ll get sick and die or maybe we can impeach him. Either way, he needs to be gone; he is way too Dark.


Status for September 6th - A Post Script to Yesterday's Astrology Status

Carl Boudreau

Some simple messages, often the most important ones, I fear, get lost in the effort to present an overview. So I would like to add this relatively brief post script to yesterday's status. It gets closer and more directly to my core astrology message for the times ahead.

Let me dispense with all the usual cautions, provisos, qualifications and disclaimers and get right to it - all those things one feels obliged to say so that one can't be accused of being overly pessimistic or overly optimistic, etc.

This is the message I don’t want to get lost.

Things are going to stop getting progressively worse. At some deep level, they are going to start getting progressively better, despite all surface appearances to the contrary. They already have. Those deeply destabilizing forces with which we have been dealing for nearly a decade and which have inflicted so much hardship and loss are rapidly abating.

Our efforts to heal and recover and to get our lives in order will no longer be so consistently and persistently undermined or upended by worsening turmoil.

We are in the process of returning to average levels of life difficulty. We are also about to begin benefiting from the efforts of those many people who never stop working to improve our lives.

As you lay there going to sleep at night or gathering your courage and determination before rising, you should remind yourself that things are going to stop getting worse and start getting better. They already are.

And, oh, yes. You all have to get up everyday and go do your part to make this work.

That is what I want to be the take away message from yesterday's astrology post.