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Bank of International Settlements....BEing and Doing...? Why the Banking Documents Were Not Accepted

Bank of International Settlements....BEing and Doing....?
February 22, 2014

This picture was just shared with me on Facebook. Fortunately, I'm sitting here in a cafĂ© in Morocco with Heather only a few tables away, so of course I jumped up and showed it to her. Immediately she burst out laughing and grabbed my computer to take a closer look. This is the message she sent to her contact/friend, Jonathan D. Betts, who reportedly does the highest levels of bank, trade, and finance for the white house, the families, the "Old Man", etc.:

[6:33:18 PM] Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf: lol
[6:33:40 PM | Edited 6:33:54 PM] Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf: I just sent this to Jonathan D. Betts:
[6:10:12 PM] *** HeatherAnnTucciJarraf . sent eternal essence BIS.jpg ***
[6:10:24 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: :O(chuckle)
[6:14:01 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: how's THAT DO'ing been working out for BIS so far? ;)

Here's how I understand it. The original filings Heather and the OPPT put out in 2012/2013 canceled BIS....
NOTE: At this point Heather jumped in and added everything written below because I was butchering her original breakdown. The writing in blue font below is me again.

and its pyramid "complete immunity" membership structure that included every registered bank on the planet (yes, credit unions, too)...nunc pro tunc praeterea otherwords, "from inception and hereafter".  Not only were they canceled but they aren't even capable of functioning operationally, harvesting energy from humanity. What is seen in the picture above is the BIS's attempt to file a "security" on "the value" of eternal essence...right after the UCC was reconciled?  Another interesting note, notice the filing number?  It is the same as the filing number Heather released on March 18, 2013, immediately after she filed it with record number 2013032035.  What was BIS attempting to do? 

Mirror the original filings that Heather registered, in hopes of opening a door that could allow for the RV, or GCR to go through? Awesome job BIS, except you forgot to consider one important detail ;) In order for any of that to go through it would require Heather's wet ink signature. If they think Heather has any intention of allowing the old slavery systems to continue, they've got another thing coming. At this point there is nothing they can do. Game over.

For the context of the discussion happening on Facebook and the link to find the filing, here is the thread copied over below. I've removed everyone's last name for privacy purposes. I'm sure there will be plenty of questions that come in as a result of publishing this. As I learn more, I will share in a follow up post. What I will say is, if the UCC filings were irrelevant, then why is the BIS going to such great lengths to try and manipulate? VERY interesting indeed....

UPDATE from Heather:

This is why the banks would not accept the documents everyone brought into the banks in an attempt to claim their value; the underwriting was perfect but there can't be more than one claim of ownership. What Heather is working on makes this all irrelevant. This will be explained in greater detail when it all goes public, most likely in the next 24-48 hours.

Another UPDATE from Heather on Skype:

Heather: if you look at that screen shot there are two classifications, "GTR" for grantor, and "GTE" for has BIS listed as "GTE" grantee....makes me wonder where the grant was to BIS, and who did it...LOL.

If you do a search under the Washington Recorder of Deeds for file #201304235 you should find it....BIS is Bank of International Settlements

This is the first time I have seen it as Eternal Essence...many times what they will do is backdate the filing. Really it's all they can do as the UCC has been reconciled. There is no more validity to it whatsoever...However, all filings are all still there in perpetuity.

This is the site but it looks like you have to log in. The site will ask you to create a free login account info. It's quick. I found it searching "Eternal Essence" under the Grantor/Grantee search filter



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Jordan Maxwell raw and uncut - Part 1: An Intellihub News exclusive

Published on Feb 13, 2014
(INTELLIHUB) -- The legendary Jordan Maxwell agreed to an exclusive interview with Intellihub News, so Shepard Ambellas and Jason Bermas traveled to California to capture a sliver of Maxwell's knowledge on film. It was an amazing experience.

99% of this footage has never been seen before publicly until now, giving you a rare view into Maxwell's world.

Jordan Maxwell is considered one of the greatest minds in modern history.

Jordan Maxwell also appears in SHADE the Motion Picture.

(Camera: Intellihub News/Shepard Ambellas)

H/T Jason Bermas

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SIMON PARKES : The Project Avalon Interview

Published on Jan 13, 2014
Welcome to the Project Avalon Forum interview with contactee and experiencer Simon Parkes — who himself is a longstanding and highly respected Avalon member.

The interview, which took place at Simon's home on 15 December 2013, was facilitated by Avalon moderator Karelia.

Questions were prepared and supplied by Avalon Forum members, and were re-ordered for clarity in the final editing. Avalon founder Bill Ryan, on Skype, asked a few of his own questions at the end.

Simon discusses and expands on the future of Earth, the Mantid and Reptilian influences, his own role as one of many arbiters on the planet, our free will, our individual responsibility and the opportunities that lie before us, the part played by the Illuminati and the other Global Controllers, the history of our planet, and much, much more. He is very active on the Avalon Forum in a members-only area, and regularly answers questions there.

An audio-only version can be downloaded here:

A Spanish-subtitled version is here:

The mantra over the opening and closing credits is Re Man Eh Bidh Jog Kamao, by Snatam Kaur.

Join the Avalon Forum:

If this video has been valuable to you, please consider making a donation to Project Avalon.

THANK YOU. Your generosity helps us to continue our work.

My deep appreciation to Simon Parkes, Karelia, and to every Avalon member.

Bill Ryan, January 2014

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ATTENTION CHEMTRAILS ACTIVISTS AND ONLINE RESEARCHERS  I just got booted from facebook out of nowhere. When I signed back into facebook a new screen pulled up saying my account was frozen by facebook. They stated in a lengthy contract that they had removed a photo from my page CHEMTRAIL COVER UP and that I was not allowed to use it. Facebook literally threatened me that if I used the photo again they would deactivate my account. This is the photo that was removed:

Madisonstar Moon’s photo has since been re-posted on several Facebook accounts.  The discussion can be found here:

On September 18th 2013 at 'Geelong Magistrates' Court'.

On September 18th 2013 at 'Geelong Magistrates' Court'. I stood my ground + confronted the Magistrate, the Prosecutor, the Clerk + the Victoria Police in 'Corporate/Commercial Court' regarding a fraudulent 'City Of Greater Geelong' 'By-Law'. The Magistrate + Prosecutor now have to offset the debt that they created by charging the 'Cestui Que Vie Trust.' It only took me 3 minutes to completely destroy their fraudulent court system + keep the power in the court. They had to get me out of there + quick smart. I was exposing the fraud of the court + I did it all from the 'Public Gallery' without even stepping a foot into the 'Dock/Court'. Magistrate Michael Bolte calls out "Antonio Paulo." I answered back by saying "Are you saying that the 'Trust' which you are now administering is the 'Antonio Paulo Trust' Sir?!" He was stunned + sat there in silence. Magistrate Michael Bolte then replies. "May you please step into the court?" I answered. "Sorry. I reserve my right to stay here in the 'Public Gallery'. Cause I stand on the 'Land + not on the 'Sea'." Magistrate Michael Bolte - "You are required to come into the court." Me - "Sorry. I do not consent to boarding the 'Vessel/Ship' or coming/entering into the 'BAR' Sir." Magistrate Michael Bolte - "We'll proceed anyway." The City Of Greater Geelong Prosecutor - "Antonio Paulo failed to obey our parking signs." I cut him off + replied. "Antonio Paulo is indeed in the court." I pointed at the Magistrate. "It is you! As 'Trustee/Administrator'. You are Antonio Paulo today aren't you Sir?!" There was a little silence. Then Magistrate Michael Bolte replies. "We will set up a private interview". I cut him off + replied. "Sorry Sir. But I do not consent to your offer!" He then stays in silence. I continue in addressing the court. "Before we go any further. I need to know who you all are?" I point to the Clerk + say. "Are you the 'Cestui Que Vie's 'Owner/Trustee' who has appointed this Judge as 'Administrator' + 'Trustee' of the 'Constructive Trust Case' no. D12403742. Did you also appoint the 'Prosecutor' as 'Executor' of this 'Constructive Trust'?" I then point to the Magistrate + say. "So you are the 'Trustee.' Then pointed to the 'Prosecutor' + said. "And you are the 'Executor' + I am the 'Beneficiary.' So now we know who's who and as the 'Beneficiary.' I authorize you to handle the accounting + dissolve this Constructive Trust." The Magistrate, Prosecutor + the court is in dead silence. I continue in saying. "I now claim my body. So I am collapsing the 'Cestui Que Vie Trust' which you have charged as there is no value in it. You have committed fraud against all laws! Are you not the creators of controversy?!" The Magistrate calls for the Police to remove me from the court. In the meantime I ask the Magistrate 3 times. "Are you under oath here today Sir?" No answer from the Magistrate. I then ask him "Are you are a 'Public Servant'?" Still no answer. I then ask him 3 times. "Excuse me. May I see your 'Oath Of Office', 'Writ Of Commission' + 'Bonding Agreement Papers' Sir???" The Magistrate could not produce it for me at all! I then state. "I as a 'Sovereign' am now the highest authority in the court as the judge has not shown me their 'Oath Of Office', 'Writ Of Commission' + 'Bonding Agreement Papers'. I now dismiss the case!" As the Police remove me from the court I ask them. "Are you a 'Public Servant'??" I get complete silence from them! This answers my question that they are indeed 'Officers Of The Private Corporation'. I was released at the front door with me saying to the 'Corporate Police'. "Go back into your private corporate courtroom + continue to commit 'TREASON' you fake counterfeit Police impersonators." Now the court is left to pay the debt that they created. Mission accomplished + God bless!!!!