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Return to Sender Step by Step Explained in Full 

How and Why You Should Fight ALL Fines – By an Ex-Sergeant of Police

This great as it does make perfect sense, I hope it helps-FT
My name is Stan. I am a retired Sergeant of Police in Victoria for 14 years. I was also a police prosecutor at times, so I know what I am talking about. I spent half my life in Magistrates Court during my time in the Force. I was only ever a very fair copper, and I am proud of my time in the job, looking after the interests of Victorians, often to the detriment of my family and my health.
I never booked any driver for a trifling offence “ever”. People committing trifling offences commonly used to get a warning and a licence / vehicle check. It had to be serious before I booked anyone.
I am so annoyed at what is happening these days, in what I call “Indiscriminate revenue gathering” It is absolutely disgusting. The government and the Police Force need to hang their heads in shame. If you did a survey of current serving members of the police forces in this country, you would be hard pushed to find many who disagree with me.
I know how the legal system works, and I know how to beat the system. This is how to do it, and if about 10% of all drivers booked follow my specific instructions, then the entire system will crash and become unworkable to the extent, that the government will have no choice but to stop issuing fines for every type of traffic offence. The whole lot of them. Seriously.
I do not feel guilty about coming out with this information, as I think it’s about time someone stood up for hard working, civil minded, law abiding taxpayers in this country, who are being screwed.
This is very simple and very basic. The idea is to clog up the system in the traffic camera office and the courts by drivers exercising their rights to remain innocent until proven guilty.
1. Do not accept the alleged offence. There are numerous valid reasons to dispute every single alleged offence. Often the charges are incorrect or the evidence is illegally or incorrectly gathered.
2. Challenge it, tell them that you are going to defend the matter. Make them earn their miserable $150 or $200 or whatever. They have to prepare evidence and witnesses. Just the wages for the camera operator or the Policeman on the day of the court, will be more than the actual fine. You are also taking a camera operator or a member of the Police Force off the street for the day. But it won’t get to that point… on….
3. If a court date is ever set, and it does not suit you, do not accept it, ask for a delay to a time and place that suits you.
4. When they re set the date, delay it as often as possible. keep pleading not guilty all through the process. You have every right to be sick, or go for an adjournment if the day does not suit for any legitimate reason. For example you may have pressing family or work commitments which prevent you from attending a particular court on a particular day.
5. If it ever actually gets to court, (which is unlikely if everyone does this) and if you are unwell that day, ring the court in the morning and tell them that you cannot make it as you are sick. The camera operator, and a police prosecutor will already be at court, and will be greatly inconvenienced, by having to come back another day. The whole time this is going on, the amount of paperwork involved at the traffic camera office is huge. Several staff are involved, and it rapidly becomes very costly, probably running into thousands. …..with me so far…..keep reading…….
6. The court system is then placed under such a massive load by people who wanted “their day in court” that it simply will not be able to cope unless they open up about another 50 magistrates courts, and this is obviously going to cost the government a lot more than any revenue raised. If all the above fails, which is highly unlikely….and you actually go to court and get convicted……you have a right of appeal. Make sure you appeal the conviction. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see what happens. They are not going to spend millions chasing hundreds.
7 Tell everyone you know to challenge their alleged offences, and the entire system will crash within a few weeks.

Are Speeding Fines, Parking Fines, Tolls and Tram Fines Voluntary?

I have sent variations of this letter for a few fines and tolls. So far the response has been similar: there is none. Once they receive this letter, they send no more correspondence, even when originally they stated that if the fine isn’t paid within 30 days, they will issue further fines. I can’t tell you exactly the reason behind it, only my suspicions: that the fines are voluntary – invoices issued by a corporation to generate revenue, with the expectation that you will comply without question. Normally, when you pay the fine, you have agreed to the contract through your compliance. If you don’t pay, then you have no accepted the contract, and you have no obligation. They never reply because any response they could be an admission that what they are doing is fraudulent or unethical. They don’t issue any further fines because you have called their bluff. They have charged you without trial, which is a perversion of justice – they have presumed you were guilty.
You are free to use this letter as a template for your own fines. A priviso: as I can’t possibly understand your exact situation, none of what I am typing qualifies as legal advice.
The letter follows:
Civic Compliance Victoria
GPO Box 1916
Melbourne Vic 3001
The date.
To whom it may concern,
I am writing to discuss your request for a contract titled: “Infringement Notice”, obligation number xxxxxxxxxx.
You cite the Infringements Act 2006 and the Road Safety Road Rules 2009. Before I agree to this contract or pay your organisation any monies, I will require the following proofs relating to these acts and rules.
A. Proof that those acts and rules were applicable to me at the time of the alleged infringement.
B. Proof that those acts and rules obligate me to pay the requested amount; and
C. Proof that you have the authority to enforce these acts and rules; or
D. Proof of a contract signed or agreed to by me that clearly states I am bound to pay these amounts; and
E. Proof that this contract was applicable to me at the time of the alleged infringement; and in addition
F. These documents signed by a man or woman of appropriate authority, with full liability and under penalty of perjury, and witnessed by a notary public or Justice of the Peace.
Please provide either all of proofs A, B, C and F, or all of the proofs D, E and F.
If you issue me any more requests for payment without first producing these proofs, I will impose the following fee schedule:
$170 (one hundred and seventy dollars) per hour, or any part of an hour, for the legal research necessary to determine if your claims are valid.
Please respond to this notice promptly, within fourteen days of receipt. If you do not respond within fourteen days, it is assumed that you no longer wish to negotiate this contract, and I will consider it void.
Your pal,
Kurt David Robinson

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Tony Abbott - Jesuit Trained Catholic Rhodes Scholar "Australian" Liberal Politician



Tony Abbott Wins Election - The End of Australia - Be Warned 


If you get a letter sent to you with your name in ALL capital letters and don't know what this means, then listen to this video.

Published on Dec 19, 2013
Well, this time we were able to connect, although we lost connection on the first try and started over again. Jagamara is an aboriginal Australian who is self-taught in areas of law and spiritual awakening. In this conversation with Ron, he talks about sovereignty and prophecy. Regarding the former, he emphasizes the importance of knowledge and asking the right questions to find our own answers. In one of his interesting analogies, he says that every conversation we have is sexual intercourse. Ron did not get that one; but others were more easily grasped. Regarding prophesy, he talked about the end of days, the valley of dry bones (which is in Ezekiel, not the Psalms) and how the people will set the people free. Join this brother from another mother as he shares a small portion of the knowledge and wisdom he has gained in the past few years since teaching himself how to read and write.

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Australia Constitution and the state government FULL.

If your Australian and I ask you how Constitution there are in Australia what would you say, 1 0r 2 or 4, ) will there are 7 of them, every has one, plus the 1900 UK. Constitution.
Also have a look at this site they hold meetings on the constitution and what it means to you.

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Australian Constitution is invalid - Ex-Solicitor Wayne Leonard: Vinny Eastwood Show 15/10/10 1/3

The Australian constitution Wayne Leonard has discovered is in fact invalid. Australia is not a sovereign nation and remains a colony of the United Kingdom. This obviously has massive ramifications, most notably that it has never legally been a member of the United Nations because it is not in fact a nation meaning that all treaties involving Australia are void and invalid.

The implications of all this are immense, effecting not only Australia but New Zealand and Canada.