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Santos Bonacci & Lisa Harrison: One People's Public Trust | 


Santos Bonacci & Lisa Harrison: One People's Public Trust

The One People's Public Trust was filed on December 25, 2012 and was not rebutted by the church or the banksters so what does this mean for we, the people? EVERYTHING!!! (video below)
When a Universal Commercial Code (UCC) claim is filed and becomes part of the public record, it can not be rebutted and it becomes fact and truth.  The claims against the central banks state that they are running private money systems, they are running slavery systems using debt and controlling the masses through commerce.  The original trust is solely through the Creator and the beings on Earth because the Creator is the one who grants everything. The One People's Public Trust ties us back to that original trust.  That means that every person on this planet is guaranteed a portion of that trust that has been stolen from us by the banking systems.
The "Powers That Were" cannot rebut the question "Do you have a claim higher than the creators?" They can't.  It's impossible.  So their only choices are to accept this as truth or remove the entire UCC code, which would disassemble all governments and government agencies, such as the IRS, which are based on UCC.
According to the Roman Catholic Church's Papal Bull in 1302, it is stated that they had gained the world through conquest and that ultimately, everything was owned by the Roman Catholic Church.  This has been challenged and unrebutted.
The saying "All roads lead to Rome" can be derived from these Papal Bulls.  In the One People's Public Trust claim, by going back to Prime/Creator to establish entitlement, the claim is setting precedent from the dawn of creation to which the Roman Catholic Church, or anyone else, cannot challenge. In other words, the trust has been bonded to the original trust that the Creator made with man/woman with us being the beneficiaries, instead of any church or banking system.  Because of this, the system has been reset with the abolishment of the UCC and any law that claims financial slavery or ownership of anyone on this planet.
According to Bonacci, with the new changes will come new responsibilities as a Beneficiary or a Trustee where YOU are responsible for yourself as well as the Free Will of others.  In regard to governments, they are all slave structures where there is authority from the top where you have to follow THEIR rules. This will no longer be the precedence as we turn to Universal Law as well as UCC Law and Common Law.
In regard to the explanation of Free Will in Universal Law,  Bonacci stated, "No  being can impinge on the free will or rights of another being. The trust begins and ends on that concept that no being is actually able to infringe on the free will rights of another being.  The other main concept involved in setting up the trust is that every state of being on the planet (every human) has equity.  We are all equal in the eyes of the trust.  We all have equal access to the assets of the planet which they (OPPT) have stipulated as all of the gold and silver."
Basically, Universal Laws respect Free Will as long as you are not harming yourself or others. There are numerous Universal Laws that work in humanity's best interests and can be found here: The 20 Universal Laws
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