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As this is getting out there about Hitler ~

As this is getting out there about Hitler ~
Everyone may be thinking Hitler was a good guy - don't forget about the Quantum Access Technologies like Looking Glass and Time-travel manipulation and the re-writing of History, which is something that happened on other planets that were under Draconian control... Read below if you really want to see where ET/Government Treaties originated, the website is listed below if you need to check for authenticity ~
"The timeline sequence was Crowley meets Churchill who masterminds the World War II agenda to manipulate and mind control Hitler who then proceeds with his psychotic Atlantian Black League ( Sons of Belial Agenda) with planned mass genocide and begins to target the depopulation of the “ indigo’ or host race for the human DNA evolution in this last 30,000 year cycle, the Hiburus otherwise known as the Hebrews. The Hebrews held a specific genetic code they wanted “ gone”.. at least the Greys also wanted to decimate the population. Advancing the DNA through genetic evolution is the last thing they want to happen to those they are attempting to imprison.
An in depth awareness of the power of alchemy as ritualized and practiced by Aleistar Crowley ( AC) was the energetic theme of seeing with exacting clarity how these off planet forces have created the NRG grid that is designed specifically to abuse both male and female sexual energies is entirely apparent. In fact AC was indeed used for this agenda and was surreptitiously orchestrated to connect with Britain’s “ crown” and those responsible to ensure that the power of Britain would be returned and maintained as a World Power. That leads us to Winston Churchill.
According to the Guardians he was playing both middles against the end, as he was publicly calling out for German disarmament and the danger of Hitler to Britain and yet from their standpoint he was actually one of the mastermind’s of the whole Agenda. This Crowley-Churchill-Hitler connection is what established the Grey Alien Agreements with the Government ( yes they said CHURCHILL actually met the Aliens while he was Prime Minister) and the beginning of the technology Trade (Churchill and UK wanting it for World Domination) that led to the human experiments, such as mind control through psycho-tronics and time travel.
Churchill did not have racial sympathies and had even less compassion for the general masses, those who were not the royal or elite class ( Sound familiar, a reptilian cast system trait) It was during his influence that he was one of the men that allowed 5,000 or so children to be abducted from poor areas and gave the Gray’s the right to genetic testing of the population.
According the the Guardians, when they took something like ten times that amount, they knew they were in over their head and that they could not control what they had led the World Population into. Still the power corruption raged on and there were eager power elite players to continue the blood and sexual enslavement, just as AC had brazenly and unapologetically expressed publicly. AC thought he was above the Law and the UK governments protected him, supposedly through whatever the hell he wanted to do, it was like a diplomatic immunity, as long as he did not “crap” where he was being fed, the government protected him.
It was alluded this man killed and murdered human beings purposely. He knew the power contained in human blood, and sexual energy and he did what he willed. I have no idea what historical record says about him in this regard, they show him as a Genius Master Manipulator and Murderer… at the core, as he aged ….quite possessed by these alien demonic forces.
The timeline of these two was inclusive of masterminding the Hitler Program and Germanic manipulation. I do not know how Hitler was Mind controlled, but apparently he was weak emotionally and he was prime pickens for manipulation through the emotional wounds he carried. Hitler’s Nazi symbol is the Tibetan 7th D symbol and as it was reversed, ( remember reverse life code, the code of the negatives) it was designed to feed the 7D crucifixion implants, and all its related theology mind control that had been a part of the Alien’s highjack of the planetary logos, which originally contained the blueprint for the human beings divine creational intent.
They used Hitler’s genocide to bind souls into 4D and its interconnect to suppress and siphon all the female 7D energy off this planet to feed their phantom matrices and phantom wormholes. The 7D Ultraviolet Dimension also contains our planetary “magnetosphere” so this ensured their growing holographic insert technology agenda to build frequency fences, mind control grids, as they had control over the magnetic field from the 7D level. They knew by 2003 or so they would lose their control as the magnetic field would change, ( due to the stellar activations and ascension frequency cycle) and they would have to get aggressive with other technologies, such as we have seen, the nano tech atomic harnesses ( vaccination and biowarfare) and the current pestilence programming to make sure we are in fear and take the bait."
Look below for information about how the hidden Mars agenda connects and how it was infiltrated ~
"Because the Mars Galactic timeline is opening through the 4th Stargate in Giza it brings information to the surface about its history that will become increasingly hard to suppress. This brings us to the Montauk Project and a history of colonization on Mars between Orion Humans and Zeta (The Grey's). These were dimensional blending projects with Alien technologies that allowed time travel to the future. Most of the collaborations between humans and aliens were of a negative nature, genetic experiments, developing mind control programs and perfecting psychotronic warfare. I am counseled that the exacting details are irrelevant at this point to discuss as there is a lot of information available about the Philadelphia Experiment (1943), The Montauk Project (1983). What they are emphasizing to point out is that the hidden information over ET's involvement with humans will happen through the 4D timelines and it is life on Mars that will be the first sequence level of information released. They say this is just the beginning."
Nasa released an announcement on January 15th that the planet Mars Reveals that there is Life.

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