Thursday, 21 August 2014

Dealing with mail addressed to the legal name

This is NOT about getting your gimmie gimmie fictional bills paid for your diapered ass btw people...this is about ACCOUNTABILITY and's about UNDERSTANDING the WHY and HOW this fraud has been thrust on humanity. This is about destroying COMMERCE altogether where ALL the money is printed off the literal backs of our souls, paid for by our bodies...some, like myself, call it slavery....This is about you finally realizing WHO and WHAT owns the LEGAL NAME and making the owners responsible and AWARE that you know AND puts you in universal honour...universe loves stand there, universe stands with you...kate
...please forward ALL LEGAL NAME bills etc. to the rightful owner of all of humanity's debts....they created the legal name fraud to enslave humanity (placed the order) so they pick up the tab...easy peasy, kate
The Honourable Lord Mayor
℅ William Chapman
Private Secretary and Chief of Staff
Mansion House
London EC4N 8BH

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