Thursday, 19 June 2014

Julien Wells 6-14-14 Pleiadian Update, on Diamondsforever31

****Please listen to first audio update "A Chat with Judy, Crystal, Dan and Julien" before listening to this one. Link here:
-Elizabeth gives cobra update from June 9
-First 10 mins of 1st audio is played
-10,971 people left on the ships
-Julien shares the dreams he had the night the pick-ups happened
-He shares the experience of his is parallel life, the "other Julian" who went
-Actually experienced it with him in dream time
-The "four-legged" appearance is a technology they use to adjust to standing on the surface of the planet in our density
-Julien clarifies miracles/technology, dimensions/density
-What the 11,000 are going through/experiencing aboard the ship (less dense reality)
-They're living in a holographic "village" which was prepared for them
-It's meant to seem familiar to them, Pleiadians are around to answer questions
-Experiencing initial physical discomfort without typical "food"
-Going through deprogramming
-This was considered a radical move on the part of the Pleiadians by other Galactic groups
-But their level of empathy with us was such that they could better understand the depth of the outcry
-Julien's plans to collaborate with the Pleiadians more publicly
-Richard Rockefeller was taken aboard a ship, he did NOT die in a plane crash
-Julien speaks about connecting with your Guides
-What dreams really are
-Moods and attracting reality
-Ego/higher self and how they work together
-Cabal is very vulnerable now with absence of 11,000
-Children of the cabal
-Imminent Pyramid Hierarchy collapse
-Questions to the Pleiadians:
-What is their perspective on the pick-up? 3 answer who have positioned themselves in "townhalls" to answer questions
-Much religious deprogramming (particularly for the large concentration from the Middle East who went)
-The Annunaki role
-The group is missing their families and inquiring about ways to keep tabs on or remote track the loved ones they left behind
-They are learning to understand why they made such a choice as to participate on Earth in the way that they did
-Elizabeth's question: what can we do down here to assist with our shift? Follow exploratory state of mind.. it will teach you your own heart
-Book a session with Julien to speak directly to Pleiadians (, he will be doing more public Q&A, and wishes to remind people they can ALL do this themselves
-Offer yourself to be perceived by them, define contract parameters
-Elizabeth's blog "Diamonds Forever":

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