Thursday, 6 March 2014

A Corporation cannot "Contract" to a living breathing conscious human being.

A Corporation cannot "Contract" to a living breathing conscious human being.

A Corporation can only "Contract" to another Corporate Entity and is Done with 'our' Signature and 'our' consent as "WE" are said to represent 'our' LEGAL PERSON or, a CORPORATION..... that has been UNlawfully constructed around the issuance of a Licence, Rego, etc.

UNlawfully constructed?

Trevor Warner writes: "It comes back to the words "register" and "vehicle". Words associated with their contract of which you made an "application" to enter."

Was there FULL "disclosure" on their behalf in that they told us upfront we were in fact signing a "contract" that would legally bind us to their statutes and acts?

Did they tell us that we would be committing a crime in itself by signing any Licence application 'CONtract' (one of "personating") and a crime that is punishable by the crime's act, with time in gaol? Did they tell us that? That we were (in fact) going to assume a "dead fiction" corporate name of a person, that isn't us?

[Knowingly] Would we permit or, consent to this?

< In criminal law. ...... To assume the person (character) of another, without his consent or knowledge, in order to deceive others, and, in such feigned character, to fraudulently do some act or gain some advantage, to the harm or prejudice of the person counterfeited.>

Did they tell us that they themselves would be forging our signature (photocopy from our application), in placing it within the piece of plastic with our photo on it - and that that corporation's living flesh and blood person in doing so, was now fully liable for this same act of deceit? Was he/she aware of this, I wonder?

No one is above the law of forgery, are they?

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