Friday, 27 December 2013


If you get a letter sent to you with your name in ALL capital letters and don't know what this means, then listen to this video.

Published on Dec 19, 2013
Well, this time we were able to connect, although we lost connection on the first try and started over again. Jagamara is an aboriginal Australian who is self-taught in areas of law and spiritual awakening. In this conversation with Ron, he talks about sovereignty and prophecy. Regarding the former, he emphasizes the importance of knowledge and asking the right questions to find our own answers. In one of his interesting analogies, he says that every conversation we have is sexual intercourse. Ron did not get that one; but others were more easily grasped. Regarding prophesy, he talked about the end of days, the valley of dry bones (which is in Ezekiel, not the Psalms) and how the people will set the people free. Join this brother from another mother as he shares a small portion of the knowledge and wisdom he has gained in the past few years since teaching himself how to read and write.

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