Thursday, 7 November 2013

Property: The Foundation of Slavery Page 1 Property : The Foundation of Slavery

This is a very good read well worth the time

Act from love not fear..... Thus how could you apply this? Well if a Police Officer asks you for your driver's license, you could truthfully tell the Officer, that you do not own a drivers license. Then he might say do you have a drivers license, which you could respond by saying, I might, but it's not mine. In fact the drivers license is owned by the state, it doesn't say it is owned by man. Now because the drivers license is on the earth and made from the earth, from Gods saying, you hold dominion over it, it matters not what it means, it is on the earth and you hold dominion over anything on the earth. In fact you hold dominion over every living thing that creepeth upon the earth and the Police Officer is identifying him/herself as a living thing, not man. You cannot in truth say you have a name, so the name on the Drivers License cannot be yours. You can say, you say I have a name, I don't. That is what you say, not me. They need your compliance and recognition that you are a thing, being a name or title, to gain authority over you. In truth all you can say is you are man male or female created by God standing in your dominion over the earth.

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