Sunday, 11 August 2013


"In the past a Slave Owner was required to provide the basic necessities of food, water, clothing, and protection from the elements as well as basic medicinal needs for injury. When slavery was abolished a decision as to how Farmers would still be able to get their crops to market without slaves- an ingenious and yet insidious a plan was devised. The decided to establish a "fair wage" system based on only the cost of living for their basic necessities, offer nights off the farm, and one day a week for whatever they wished to do. It was brilliant- cut loose the slaves, hire them back in the same position but no longer have responsibilities or headaches of caring for so many, "rent" back the housing of the slaves for a profit- and if one was injured or ill, they found other "slaves" standing in line to work all for that "roof" over their head. The elite were amazed- the slaves began to work harder! The slave asked for more hours! They even asked to work extra days! And when they were ill- they still worked out of fear of losing their position. A plan that made slaves "think" they were free made them better "slaves" and profited the elite beyond their wildest hopes! It also expanded slavery to all other ethnic groups including Anglo-Saxons. And then TAXES. Taxes to provide a better family oriented community- to build better houses than the shacks they lived in- but then sell it back to the slave "for payment to the builder and for the supplies" - Shieena Living Waters


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