Monday, 31 December 2012

Rothchild Gold Teleported Out Of Their Secret Storage Using Pleiadian Technology

Source Link from American Kabuki

Sophia Love posted the above movie trailer on her blog post today at Something like this really did happen!

Cobra told me during the interview I did (which I will get online soon now that 12/21 is past) that the "Earth Resistance" had teleported the Rothschild gold out of their private caches in  castles, chateaus and from their banks.  He said they used Pleiadian teleportation technology to confiscate it all and its now in secure underground Argathan bases.  It will be added to earth prosperity funds and redistributed to humanity.

The tungsten-filled gold bars that showed up in the gold markets is an attempt to hide the fact there is now no gold at all behind them anymore in the old wealth families of Europe.

Please note the above information did not come from The One People's Public Trust.


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