Saturday, 4 January 2014

Police ID card

I found police constable Martin Krenes to be a nice kind of bloke in a brief chat with him recently at Carina Police Station, here in Brisbane.

When I received his "ID" business card from him I proceeded to tell him that he was committing a crime in that he was actually passing off this NAME (as a 'dead' fiction person - on the card), in order to deceive others.

I told him that this (his surname on the card) was not his NAME and that it was an 'in CAPS' corporate 'construct' (his surname), coming from off his Birth Certificate.

I told him he was 'acting' as that dead person (or, corporation) and in his work, he deceives 'living flesh and blood humans' by UNlawfully attempting to contract with them. (To get them to anwer to, their "state" constructed, corporate name.)

I wonder if constable Martin Krenes know the law?

That ....

A Corporation cannot "Contract" to a living breathing conscious human being.

A Corporation can only "Contract" to another Corporate Entity and is Done with 'our' Signature and 'our' consent as "WE" are said to represent 'our' LEGAL PERSON or, a CORPORATION .... that has been UNlawfully constructed around the issuance of a Licence, etc.


It's all becoming such a dangerous "game" for contracted enforcers and all other humans in any state contracted situation who are now Liable (since September 1st) for any and all the criminal, coersive, deceitful 'means' they are (likely) unknowingly using, when 'only doing their job'.

Blacks Law


In criminal law. To assume the person (character) of another, without his consent or knowledge, in order to deceive others, and, in such feigned character, to fraudulently do some act or gain some advantage, to the harm or prejudice of the person counterfeited.

Law Dictionary:

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